This website is dedicated to both reviewing films and the “fan fiction” that has sprung up around them.

Fan fiction is any kind of fiction that is written around an existing piece of fiction e.g. a book, a film, by fans of that piece.  It is in in my opinion a perfectly valid art form, and one can can find many fine examples of it on fanfiction.net, which is where I got the stories that I have so far reviewed and will continue to review in the future, as well as http://archiveofourown.org/.

Another website that showcases fan art of a different kind is deviantart.com, a website that I have perused for many years along with fanfiction.net, and I hope that you will enjoy the images I have found there and will find many more that are to your taste and provide you with great joy in the years to come.

On a more personal note, my own website is https://www.williambundy.com, should you wish to find out more about me and reach out 🙂